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The household needs indicator: "how clever is that"?

My husband, Lord D, and I finished our Season 2 marathon session and were hungry for more clips about Downton Abbey.  I suppose after you consume all the courses in an wonderful meal, you still have some room for an after dinner drink.  A wee bit of sherry, perhaps to aid digestion.

I cannot be the only foodie who always seeks out the kitchen first when walking through open houses or visiting friends and acquaintances.  I was not allowed “behind the line” (in the kitchen) when I worked as a waitress in my youth, but when my husband and I took a cooking course together at a chef training college (it was a lovely Valentine’s Day gift) and I loved the freedom to play in a large industrial kitchen, whispering “yes, chef”.

We came across a special presentation prepared by itv, who produces the show, entitled “Downton Abbey, Behind the Drama”.  I have included the segment on the kitchen, with some clips and interviews with the wonderful Lesley Nicol who plays the witty Mrs. Patmore, and  the cute and charming Sophie McShera, the lowly scullery maid.